Kathryn B. Francis PhD


Academic Talks


  • Invited Speaker: UK Experimental Philosophy Workshop series (July 2022): Investigating mode of presentation, focus, and vividness of mental imagery in moral decision-making.

  • Invited Speaker: International Moral Psychology (IMP) Seminar Series (July 2021): Using Virtual Reality in moral psychology. Virtual trolley problems and simulated actions.

  • Invited Keynote Speaker: European X-Phi Conference (June 2021): Virtual Morality: The assessment of morality and technological implications.

  • Invited Speaker: London Judgment and Decision-Making Group (UCL, December 2020): Morality and judgment-behaviour discrepancy: Using virtual and haptic technologies to study moral decision-making.

  • Invited Speaker: BPS Open Science Event (BPS Office, Leicester, December 2019): Open Research Practises for Quantitative and Qualitative Researchers.

  • Invited Speaker: The Karel Capek Center for Values in Science and Technology (Czech Republic, November 2019): How do we measure moral cognition? Implications for moral enhancement, AI, and theory.

  • Invited Speaker: MultiMind Summer School, CINN, University of Reading (Reading, July 2019): Moral Cognition.


  • Francis K. B. (2021, April). Virtual trolley problems: Can we distinguish moral judgments from actions? Presented at the American Philosophy Association (Pacific Division) annual conference (accepted symposium)

  • Francis, K. B. (2020, June). Moral decision-making during COVID-19: Moral judgments, moralisation, and everyday behaviour. Talk at Euopean X-Phi Conference, virtual conference

  • Francis, K. B. (2020, January). Does mode of presentation influence moral decision-making? Moral responses in virtual, audio-visual, and text-based dilemmas. Talk at the Experimental Psychology Society (EPS), UCL, London, UK

  • Francis, K.B. (2019, April). Open and online experimental philosophy. Presented at the inaugural Open in Practice conference, University of Reading, UK. AWARD

  • Francis, K. B. (2019, February). Using Virtual Reality in Research. Workshop at iCog5 annual conference, University of Reading, UK.

  • Francis, K.B. (2018, November). Virtual trolley problems: Vision and haptics in moral decision-making. Presented at Spanish Experimental Philosophy Association (AEFEX) workshop, University of Madrid, Spain.

  • Francis, K. B. (2018, September). Stakes effects on knowledge: Scales and scepticism. Presentation at Buffalo X-phi Conference, University of Buffalo, NY, USA.

  • Francis, K. B. (2018, June). Stakes, scales, and scepticism. Presentation at UK X-phi Conference, University College London, UK.

  • Francis, K. B., Howard, I. S., Gummerum, M., Ganis, G., & Terbeck, S. (2018, April). Virtual moral actions, emotional resilience, and regret in the emergency services. Presentation in symposium "Emotions and emerging technologies" at the Consortium of European Research on Emotion (CERE), University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

  • Francis, K. B. (2017, June). Virtual morality: Saying versus simulating in moral dilemmas. Presentation at the Perception, Cognition, and Nutrition Workshop (PCN), University of Reading, UK.

  • Francis, K. B. (2016, August). Technology-driven moral training: Moral reasoning in the emergency services. Presentation at the International Conference on Thinking (ICT), Brown University, Rhode Island, US.

  • Francis, K. B. (2016, July). Moral muscles in virtual landscapes. Presentation at the Society for the Advancement of Judgment and Decision-Making Studies (SEJyD), University of the Balearic Islands, Palma, Mallorca. AWARD

  • Francis, K. B. (2016, June). Sensorimotor personal force and moral decision-making. Presentation at UK Sensory Motor Conference, Newcastle University, UK.

  • ​Francis, K. B. (2016, March). Making moral judgments in a virtual landscape: A step closer to moral actions? Presentation at Moral Reasoning and Imagination Lab, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

  • Francis, K. B. (2015, March). Virtual morality: Understanding the effects of technological contexts. Presentation at conference ‘Institutions for Moral Behavior’, Utrecht University, Netherlands.


  • June 2020: Invited talk for National Science and Media Museum and Bradford Cafe Scientifique, "Virtual Morality: Life and Death Decision-Making".

  • August 2017: Co-organised 'Off The Lip 2017', CogNovo's interdisciplinary publication colloquium on Cognitive Innovation

  • October 2016: Interactive exhibit built for Off The Lip 2016, a public engagement event designed to generate interest in the social sciences

  • August 2016: Co-organised and led 'ColLaboratoire', CogNovo's interdisciplinary summer school, Plymouth University

  • July 2016: Filmed for Insight TV series "Secrets of the Brain" exploring the connection between creativity and alcohol (Brighton Lambent Productions)

  • November 2016: Presenter on Red House Radio (Plymouth) broadcasting news, interviews, and activities during the ESRC Social Science Festival (2016), Plymouth University

  • January 2015: Co-organised and hosted the CogJam live event: Busting brain myths for a live audience at Rumpus Cosy, Plymouth