I am a psychologist through and through but also an advocate of interdisciplinary research. I am currently a lecturer in psychology at the University of Bradford where I lecture social psychology and research methods/statistics. I am a member of the Experimental Psychology Society (EPS) and the European Association of Social Psychology (EASP). My research interests span topics across moral and social psychology and I am always looking for opportunities to collaborate. Please visit my projects page and get in touch if you are looking to collaborative on a project! 

I have extensive experience disseminating my research for both academic and public audiences. I welcome opportunities to deliver lectures, talks, and seminars in several areas of social, cognitive, and moral psychology. Please see my previous talks for more info.


Moral Decision-Making: I research the way in which people make decisions in difficult and emotionally aversive situations.  In my recent projects, I have utilised virtual reality headsets, haptic robotics, and interactive sculptures to create visually salient moral scenarios that required physical actions.  

More about these projects can be found on my project pages.

Epistemology: I am also interested in investigating ascriptions of knowledge; how we decide if we 'know' something and whether this use of 'know' varies across contexts and stakes. For more info about these projects please visit my project pages.

Interdisciplinarity: My research predominantly adopts interdisciplinary approaches to the investigation of cognitive and social phenomena. I have worked with a number of collaborators from philosophy, design, robotics, and computer science in a series of exciting projects. Again, please visit my project pages for details about these projects and my collaborators.


2014 - 2017

Plymouth University, UK

PhD Psychology

2012 - 2014

Bangor University, UK

MSc Psychological Research


2009 - 2012

Bangor University, UK

BSc Psychology

First Class Honours

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