I joined Keele University as Lecturer in Psychology in February 2021. Prior to this I was a lecturer in the Division of Psychology at the University of Bradford (2019-2021) and before this, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow across the Department of Philosophy and School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences at the University of Reading (2017-2019) .


I have a particular interest in moral psychology and social cognition research having published several papers looking at judgment-behaviour discrepancy (saying one thing and doing another) in moral contexts. I am always interested to hear from students wishing to pursue graduate studies (MSc, PhD) in moral psychology/cognition projects.

News & Updates 

New publication: "The moral foreign language effect is stable across presentation modalities​" (2020)

New paper in Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. In this paper, we explore whether the moral foreign language effect is present in text based and spoken moral dilemmas.

Talk: Gave public lecture for Cafe Scientifique (Science and Media Museum, Cafe Scientifique Bradford) on "Virtual Morality: Life and Death Decision-Making" (June, 2020)

In this talk, I discussed the measurement of morality and how we have been using Virtual Reality (VR) to study people's moral decision-making. 

New chapter: "Creativity and Destruction". In Encyclopedia of Creativity (3rd edition) (2020)

New chapter in the latest edition of the 'Encyclopedia of Creativity' exploring the relationship between creativity and social/moral norms. 

Invited Talk: Gave talk at Karel Capek Center for Values in Science and Technology (Prague, November 2019)  "How do we measure moral cognition? Implications for moral enhancement, AI, and theory" 

I was invited to give a talk about my research using Virtual Reality to study morality and implications for AI and future technologies. 

New publication: "Alcohol, empathy, and morality: Acute effects of alcohol consumption on affective empathy and moral decision-making"

New paper in Psychopharmacology  In this paper, we explore the effects of alcohol consumption and impaired empathy on moral judgments and moral actions (simulated in virtual environments).

Award: Recently awarded the University of Reading "Open Research Award" for our work in experimental philosophy and psychology. 

I presented at the university's "Open in Practice 2019" conference in April showcasing our interdisciplinary project across philosophy and psychology and how we have used open research practices throughout the project to improve the quality, reliability and accessibility of our research.

Talk: Gave workshop at iCog5 on Using Virtual Reality in Research at "iCog5: Interdisciplinary approaches to higher cognitive function" 

I delivered a workshop introducing the origins or Virtual Reality, different types of hardware and software, how this technology is currently being used in research and how to incorporate VR/AR into research practices. 

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