PhD Project: Interdisciplinary Investigations of Moral Judgment and Moral Action

My PhD project investigated the way in which people make decisions in difficult and emotionally aversive situations.

The nature of moral action versus moral judgement has been extensively debated in numerous disciplines. Utilising various immersive state-of-the-art technologies, including Virtual Reality (VR), allowed us to examine moral actions in high emotionally arousing, direct action focused, moral scenarios.

Additionally, given evidence that moral judgment and action appear distinct in individuals with certain anti-social traits such as trait psychopathy, in this project we assessed pro-and anti-social personality variables. In an attempt to further understand moral judgement and moral action as independent constructs, we utilised methodologies from experimental psychology and cognitive psychology to examine the role of arousal in moral decision making.

I completed my PhD within an interdisciplinary group, CogNovo, which gave me numerous opportunities to collaborate across disciplines. For more information about my PhD project and CogNovo, follow the link:

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